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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

A simple, old-style Blumfield Bicycle. This is a smaller recreation model, designed for short-distance sprints.
In-game description

The Bicycle (also: Bike) is a small single person vehicle randomly spawning in the world. They often appear in urban areas, most often next to larger buildings. Bicycles allow infantry to move quicker and offer a single inventory slot, enabling a soldier to carry a heavy stack of items without being slowed down.


Bicycles spawn randomly in the world; most often they are found outside Safe Houses, Churches and other larger buildings.

Bicycles are a good method to get to the front if you encounter one. They travel twice as fast as a soldier with 50% Encumbrance, and faster than any Tank (except when the H-8 "Kranesca" uses its boost). They also do not endure an Encumbrance speed penalty. They can also drive over Barbed Wire unobstructed. However, off-road, they perform significantly worse, reaching only 4 m/s.

Players hit by a Bicycle will fall over. However, they will not take any damage.

Bicycles can make a bell sound (activated with LMB).

Bicycles have very few hit points; just a few small arms hits can destroy it. However, they cannot be run over by vehicles, and in fact have a vehicle collision boxes. Thus, a bicycle can be used to block vehicles.

When abandoned, a bicycle will quite quickly despawn. This is why you will rarely find an unattended bike on front lines.

Unlike motor vehicles, which wont freeze during a Snow storm if their engine is on, the bicycle shall get frozen even if you are pedaling in the middle of a road (it stops suddenly).


  • Can be used to transport heavy equipment and ammo over short distances, it isn't slowed when its inventory is loaded with heavy things. It can fastly reallocate Large Items instead of slowly carrying them on your shoulder.


  • Bicycles were added in Update 0.36.
  • They were teased in Devstream #85 on the 5th of May, incidentally the national holiday of the Netherlands (who are well known to ride bikes).
  • The bike travels at circa 33 km/h, which is more near the speed of the Tour de France than the average cyclist.