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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

A simple, old-style Blumfield Bicycle. This is a smaller recreation model, designed for short-distance sprints.
In-game description

The Bicycle (also: Bike) is a small single person vehicle randomly spawning in the world. They often appear in urban areas, most often next to larger buildings. Bicycles allow infantry to move quicker and offer a single inventory slot, enabling a soldier to carry a heavy stack of items without being slowed down.


Bicycles spawn randomly in the world; most often they are found outside Safe Houses, Churches and other larger buildings.

Bicycles are a good method to get to the front if you encounter one. They travel twice as fast as a soldier with 50% Encumbrance, and faster than any Tank (except when the H-8 "Kranesca" uses its boost). They also do not endure an Encumbrance speed penalty. They can also drive over Barbed Wire unobstructed. However, off-road, they perform significantly worse, reaching only 4 m/s.

Players hit by a Bicycle will fall over. However, they will not take any damage.

Bicycles can make a bell sound (activated with LMB).

Bicycles have very few hit points; just a few small arms hits can destroy it. However, they cannot be run over by vehicles, and in fact have a vehicle collision boxes. Thus, a bicycle can be used to block vehicles.

When abandoned, a bicycle will quite quickly despawn. This is why you will rarely find an unattended bike on front lines.


  • Bicycles were added in Update 0.36.
  • They were teased in Devstream #85 on the 5th of May, incidentally the national holiday of the Netherlands (who are well known to ride bikes).
  • The bike travels at circa 33 km/h, which is more near the speed of the Tour de France than the average cyclist.