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A Rifle attachment to stab enemy soldiers.


The Bayonet is an accessory that can be attached to any Rifle, Long Rifle, or Heavy Rifle. When equipped, it turns the rifle into a stabbing weapon. Compared to the player's fists, a rifle with a bayonet has a longer reach and one stab will kill a player. Unlike the fists, the bayonet can hit teammates. It can be used while sprinting or turning. It can hit the crew of Field Guns, Bicycles, and Motorcycles. But it cannot reach soldiers inside closed vehicles or structures.

The only rifle that cannot use a bayonet is the Sampo Auto-Rifle 77 since it uses F to toggle its firing mode.

A warden soldier with a Gunner's Breastplate uniform takes 3 stabs to kill.


  1. Equip a Rifle and the Bayonet.
  2. Take your rifle out and attach the Bayonet to it by pressing F (takes 3 seconds).
  3. Press LMB (left mouse button) to melee attack anything in front of player.
  4. Press LMB while aiming with RMB to fire the rifle normally.
  • You must reattach the bayonet every time you retrieve your rifle, if you wish to use it.
  • Turning while aiming with the bayonet allow the player to slash with it.


The Bayonet is obtained via production in a Factory.