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Resources used for building basic structures and producing items
In-game description

Basic Materials, commonly called "BMATs", are a type of material. they are the basic building resource in Foxhole. They are the most abundant, and are used to construct most Structures and basic Vehicles, to produce most Items in the game, and to repair every Structures and Vehicles.


Basic Materials can be obtained by refining Salvage at a 2:1 ratio in a Refinery, at a rate of 2 Basic Materials per second, or 120 per minute. Once refined the bmats can be retrieved as is with left click or as crates using the right click context menu. A crate of basic materials holds 100 units.


Up to 300 basic materials crates can be stored in each stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport. Only materials crates retrieved directly from the refinery queue can be privately stored in a reserve stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport.

Crating Materials[]

Like other Materials, a full stack of Basic Materials (100) can be transformed into crates of materials, and vice versa, via the right click context menu but only at a Storage Depot, Seaport, or Shipping Container. Uncrating a crate of materials will make those materials unable to be stored in a reserve stockpile as retransforming them will make a public crate.

Crating Basic Materials.png

When in crate form, basic materials cannot be spent for their various uses.


Basic Materials are the main resource used to produce the majority of item types at a Factory and Mass Production Factory. It's also the most used resource to build vehicles at a Garage and Shipyard, although all armored vehicles will use Refined Materials instead. It is also used to produce some of the structure types at a Construction Yard.


Basic Materials are the most common resource used for building, rebuilding, and upgrading most structures using either a hammer or a construction vehicle. It is also the most common resource for adding add-ons to Bunkers and Trenches. To do those actions the basic materials must be in your soldier's backpack or in your vehicle's inventory.

Building usually requires a lot of basic materials which are heavy. The weight of the basic materials a soldier carry can be reduced by 25% by wearing an Engineer Uniform or Tank Uniform.


Basic Materials are the only resource used to repair damaged (not destroyed) structures and vehicles. Repairs are done with a hammer and basic materials in your inventory. For vehicles full repairs can alternatively be done at a Garage in one click by pressing the repair button Full Repair Icon.png in its menu while the required 100 basic materials are in the building's inventory.


Having Basic Materials in your frontline bases is absolutely vital to win the war. Without it you cannot build or rebuild on newly captured ground, you cannot repair your defenses when they are attacked, you cannot repair your armored vehicles in-between fighting. Basic Materials on the fronts are as vital as weapons and ammunition, if not more.

It is also needed at every production building in the backline regions so that your factories never stop producing.

Producing Basic Materials in copious amount and having it widely available everywhere is the grease that makes the war machine work smoothly, it helps every player everywhere.

If you want to privately store crates of materials for later, always remember to retrieve the materials as crates using the right click context menu.