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A large shipping vessel, the Aquatipper is used to transport vehicles, equipment, and personnel over large bodies of water.
In-game description

The Barge is a large Vehicle built at the Shipyard that is used to transport equipment and vehicles across water. It requires Diesel to drive. The Barge is equipped with a ramp that can be lowered (default key F) (2sec) and pulled back up (3sec) in order to drive vehicles, artillery pieces, or other large vehicles onto its surface. This ramp is able to be lowered at coastal beaches and docks.

In addition to being fairly slow, the Barge also suffers from a low HP pool and can be killed with relative ease. Players will have to secure a logistics route through the water and on the opposite shore before transporting large items.

The Barge was added in the Amphibious Warfare update.


  • The barge is known to be able to carry most land vehicles, the exceptions being the Transport Bus and Flatbed Truck.
  • The barge is normally only able to carry one of most vehicles at a time, the exceptions including vehicles such as the Motorcycle and Light Utility Vehicle.
  • Players cannot fire heavy weapons such as the Machine Gun or RPG while on the barge until the ramp has been lowered.
  • If any players on the barge are encumbered then the barge will not be able to move.
  • Barges that are disabled or out of fuel will still move, but at a tenth of their normal speed.
  • Barges can carry Cranes while they are holding Shipping Containers.
  • The barge's full name is "BMS - Aquatipper"
  • The barge disappears after 72 hours without having a driver, entering driver seat reset the timer.


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