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Used to prevent enemy infantry movement through an area. This structure is difficult to destroy with conventional weapons and must be dismantled with a Wrench.
In-game description

A defensive structure used to prevent enemy infantry movement built with barbed wire materials.


The Barbed Wire Fence is a fence made with Barbed Wire material that blocks infantry movement as well as vehicles (except for Tanks, APCs, and Half-Tracks).

Bullets pass through the fence like with the larger wall fence, but even aiming at the fence posts doesn't result in a hit. Every hitscan shell (30mm, 40mm, etc...) also passes through but other projectiles do not (RPG, AP⧸RPG, ARC⧸RPG, Grenades, etc...).

Despite its look the fence is extremely resistant to explosives, but it can be removed with a Wrench or a single Hydra's Whisper.

It can only be run over and destroyed by harvesters, tanks (except Tankettes), Landing APCs, and Half-Tracks.


They are built with 3 barbed wire materials.

Grab a barbed wire material and press B to open the build menu. Select the Barbed Wire Fences option, then press LMB to place the first end of the blueprint and RMB to rotate it, then move your mouse to change the length of the structure and RMB to curve it and press LMB to place the other end. A blueprint will spawn, submit the barbed wire on your shoulder into it by pressing LMB. Submit two more to finish the construction

The length of one Barbed Wire Fence is between 4 and 10 meters. The health of the fence is proportional to its length. Since cost doesn't scale with length it's preferable to always build fences with the maximum length allowed (10m). A minimum length fence has exactly half the health of a maximum length fence.

It can be built on the dry part of beaches.

Unlike Barbed Wire, it cannot be built on roads or bridges or on the paved areas inside large towns.


Barbed Wire Fences go well with Anti-Tank Mines as every vehicle capable of running over the fence triggers them (except harvester).

They can be used to prevent the enemy soldiers from rushing inside friendly Garrisoned Houses or Town Bases, similar to Barbed Wire (Structure) but it will also stop rushes with vehicles.

They are a great way to protect Pillboxes from RPGs because they are tall enough to prevent the shell from flying over it on flat ground, the pillboxes can fire through them, and it takes a lot of shells to destroy the fence, unlike T1 Wall.