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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

This shoulder-mounted heavy launcher is the first of its kind. It features heavy blast shielding and is capable of launching anti-tank charges over relatively large distances.
In-game description

A Colonial Anti-Tank RPG that uses AP⧸RPG.


The Bane 45 is the heaviest Anti-Tank RPG for the colonial faction. It uses AP⧸RPGs like the lighter Venom c.II 35 and deals the same damage amount with the same armor penetration chance. However it has a longer range than the Venom (40m vs 28m), making it much more deadly and safe to use. But unlike the Venom it can only be fired standing if you have a solid cover with the right height for the Bane to sit on (similar to Machine Guns, otherwise you'll have to fire it crouched or prone.

Like every other R.P.G.s and Anti-Tank RPGs, the Bane slows you down when equipped (on top of the encumbrance slowdown). It is recommended to move with your secondary equipped and to only draw the Bane just before use. Due to the weight of the weapon and shells, which cannot be reduced by any colonial uniform, you can only carry the Bane itself and 2 shells if you don't want to be overencumbered. You need another soldier to carry additional shells for you.


RPG launcher aim behaves like firearms, your actual aim point hovers at a fixed height above your cursor when placed on a flat surface. However the shell fired is affected by gravity and follows a slightly curved downward trajectory which is represented by the white aim line. The launchers are perfectly accurate (no crosshair) and the projectile will explode exactly where the white aim line becomes red. If the projectile reaches the launcher's max range it automatically explodes in the air.

To make use of the maximum range of the RPG launcher you must often aim at a high point rather than at the ground. For example the Bane if fired crouched on flat ground will impact the ground at 32m if your cursor is on the ground rather than on some higher spot. When firing at structures from a short distance you should not aim at the top of the structure because your actual aim point will be a fixed height above it so your shell risks flying over the structure.


Like with other RPG launchers, the user is vulnerable as they do not have a primary weapon to fight enemy soldiers. This is why you should have one or two soldiers with firearms protecting you that will also carry additional AP⧸RPGs for you. The Bane is the longer range RPG in the game, make use of its maximum range. It's especially devastating at night against armored vehicles.

Firing leaves a very visible smoke trail which will immediately tell the enemy your exact position, so try to move after firing.

Historical Reference[]

The design and icon for the Bane 45 appear to be based off the M20 Super bazooka with added blast plate similar to one used on German Panzerschreck rocket launcher.