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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Used to stem bleeding.
In-game description


Bandages are a dual purpose medical item, used in medical emergencies. They are used to stop bleeding on self, and also as charges for the First Aid Kit, however, on their own they cannot heal.

They are stored in the tertiary equipment slot.

Stopping bleeding[]

  1. Put the Bandages in your third equipment slot;
  2. Equip the bandages by pressing 3;
  3. Press LMB to stop the bleeding.

After using a Bandage it will disappear from the player's inventory.

First Aid Kit[]

Bandages are consumed by First Aid Kit's as charges, each Bandage adds 10 charges. The number of charges used to heal a player depends on the amount of damage they have taken. They are automatically consumed from your inventory when the First Aid Kit has to recharge.


Bandages are obtained via production in a Factory.