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A recovered Colonial prototype once found in early mechanized warfare. Built on the frame of a powerful tractor, this armoured vehicle was seen escorting soldiers or, later, in support of larger armoured forces.
In-game decription

The Armoured Fighting Tractor (also referred to as an AFT), is a Relic Vehicle similar to the standard Armored Cars. It has tank armour and better off-road performance. The Armoured Fighting Tractor can be built in a Garage with 120 Relic Materials.


  • Fairly fast and small profile, but turns and reverses sluggishly.
  • Despite having tank armor it is very vulnerable to Sticky Bombs and Anti-Tank Mines, requiring 2 hits and 1 hit respectively.
  • The turret turns quickly and has a fast rate of fire making it excellent for Suppression of manned defenses.
  • Consumes plenty of fuel; be prepared to re-fuel often when traveling.

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