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A heavily reinforced vest designed to protect grenadiers from shrapnel and back blasts. As such, the Flak Vest reduces cuts and scrapes on top of dampening bullet impacts.
Velian Flak Vest Description
Repurposed from ancient wars, these armour plates are highly effective at stopping small arms fire. That protection comes at a cost of weight, and the wearer will feel quite restricted and encumbered.
Gunner's Breastplate Description

The Armour Uniform is a uniform type that reduces incoming small arms damage at range (with falloff). The reduction is -33% for the colonial uniform and -50% for the warden one. The armour also reduces the chances to receive the bleed status effect (-75% for colonial, -25% for warden).

The warden uniform uniquely reduces Bayonet and Melee damage by 60% (3 stabs or 5 punches to kill).

No ammo type stacks with this uniform, except for the default 8mm and .44 (3 per slot).

The uniform gives only 3 inventory slots, and cost 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 3 uniforms for warden and 5 uniforms for colonial.

Unlike the other uniforms, the armour uniform adds encumbrance when worn: 40% encumbrance for the colonial uniform and 60% for the warden uniform.