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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

The Neville is unmatched in its versatility as a portable, magazine-based anti-armour firearm.
In-game description


The Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR) is an elongated weapon that is effective at suppressing armored vehicle attacks. The AT Rifles takes 20mm ammo. It deals armor piercing damage, capable of inflicting substantial damage to armored vehicles like Light Tanks, Half-tracks and the Landing APC. While it is decent against unarmored vehicles it is not effective against structures. It operates like the Machine Guns, in that it can only be fired while in a crouched or prone position unless you find cover of the adequate height to fire standing. It has a long range, more than a normal Rifle and incurs heavy encumbrance. The ATR only requires Basic Materials to produce. It is one of the few AT weapons not to require Refined Materials. It does not replace the heavier anti-tank weapons as its bullets have a higher chance of bouncing off of Tank Armor.

Unike other infantry weapons that fire bullets the ATR has no damage dropoff, the damage instantly goes to zero a couple meters beyond the white aiming line. Users should make sure they are within its effective range when engaging targets.

Like other heavy weapons it cannot be fired from Barges while the ramp is up.

On top of its normal encumbrance the ATR also slows you down when equipped. It is thus recommended to move with your secondary equipped.

If necessary it can kill infantry with a single shot. However this isn't recommended as the ammo isn't cheap and the gun's maximum accuracy isn't very good.


The Anti-Tank Rifle is obtained via production in a Factory or Mass Production Factory. and only requires Basic Materials.


The ATR has a great DPS for an AT weapon and only costs basic materials, as such massed ATRs ambushing heavy armored vehicles within their effective range will disable and destroy them very fast. It is recommended to aim for the vehicle's tracks, if it has any, for increased penetration chance and to potentially disable the tracks subsystem. The heavy weight of the gun make you an easy target, it's recommended to use ATRs when hidden in bushes, behind cover, on high ground, or garrisoned inside a defensive structure.

AT Rifles are a great way to destroy enemy Freighters.


  • Prior to the introduction of faction specific weapons in Update 0.42, the Neville was also used by the colonials, and was referred to simply as an "anti-tank rifle". Its stats were otherwise similar.
  • Prior to Update 0.44, the weapon used 13.5mm ammuntion and was called the "135 Neville anti-tank rifle". Its name was changed following the replacement of 13.5mm rounds with 20mm rounds.
  • The icon is based on both the British .55 inch Boys Anti-Tank Rifle (Muzzle Break, Stock, Rear Carrying Handle), and the Finnish 20mm Lahti L-39 (Magazine, Bipod Skis) anti-tank rifles.