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This heavily reinforced pillbox allows the garrisoned infantry with anti-tank rifles to fire on approaching enemy armour from a safe position.
In-game description

The AT Pillbox is an automated anti-vehicle defensive building.


The pillbox automatically fires 20mm rounds on any enemy vehicle within range but ignores enemy infantry. It only functions when its AI is activated (large flag on the turret) by being within the range of a base with AI Upgrade. It has perfect accuracy, however its shots can be avoided by moving behind obstacles. It can fire in a full 360 degree arc. Its fire rate is about 0.7 rounds per second. Players can get inside by pressing Q, allowing them to fire their equipped weapon (not the structure's gun) from within.

It fires on both ships and land-based vehicles meaning they can be used for coastal defense.

If fired upon by a vehicle mounted weapons it will retaliate in a 45m range until the target is either destroyed, out of sight, or out of range.

It has a decent amount of health and is immune to small arms and heavy machine gun fire.

It can be Suppressed. While suppressed, the player inside is unable to fire.


  • The Anti-Tank Pillbox will target enemy Bicycles. This allows Bicycles to be used as temporary decoys.