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The Ambulance is a small Vehicle with 2 seats used for all things medical.


The ambulance is a nimble vehicle, used for transporting Critically Wounded Soldiers and Medical equipment. All medical supplies can be stacked in the ambulance inventory, making it useful for transporting Blood Plasma, Trauma Kits and First Aid Kits, which normally does not stack. Besides that, the ambulance can also transport any other item which means it can be used as a general logistic vehicle alongside the Truck.

In order to transfer a Critically Wounded Soldier into the ambulance, the player must be carrying the Critically Wounded Soldier and simply press LMB while next to the ambulance, or they can access the ambulance inventory and then click on the "Submit Large Item" button BtSubmitHeavyItem.png at the bottom right of the interface. Each CWS takes up 1 inventory slot. To remove bodies from the ambulance, simply click on it; it will automatically transport to your 8th equipment slot. It can then be submitted to a Hospital or Field Hospital.

The ambulance is faster off-road than trucks but still slower than any Light Utility Vehicle.

It's one of the few vehicles to not be able to run over sandbags (with the Motorcycle and Bicycle).

Instead of a horn, a siren can be activated to alert on-coming vehicles and soldiers to move out of the way. This siren does not loop, and is functionally identical to a regular horn.

Ambulance List[]


  • The Colonial Ambulance model appears to have been inspired by the SPA Dovunque 35 Italian light off-road truck used during WW2.
  • The Warden Ambulance model appears to have been inspired by the GAZ-55 Soviet ambulance developed in 1943.
  • The ambulance is the only vehicle in game able to transport all inventory items.
  • The Warden and Colonial ambulances have different siren sound effects, unlike most horns that share the same sound between faction variants.
  • They do not fit on a Flatbed Truck when packaged.