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Refined into Aluminum Alloy at a Refinery (1:1 ratio).
Aluminum can be refined into Aluminum Alloy, which is used in the prototyping process for items.
In-game description

Aluminum is a raw resource in Foxhole used to progress your Faction in the weapon and equipment research.


It can be obtained by mining Aluminum nodes on a Salvage Field where it occasionally spawns when a mined Salvage node splits. Note that you usually get a bigger Aluminum node from the first Salvage node split. You can expect to gather around 200-300 raw Aluminum on average per Salvage field, but the number can vary depending on outside parameters.

Aluminum can also be obtained from mining Rare Resource Nodes.

Mining Aluminum Nodes[]

Aluminum Nodes can be mined with Hammers, Sledge Hammers or Harvesters. Like Iron the presence of Aluminum is determined randomly as the Salvage Field respawns.


Aluminum can be refined into Aluminum Alloy in a Refinery. Aluminum Alloy in turn can be used at an Engineering Center to research weapon and equipment Prototype Kits.