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This heavy-duty explosive device is designed to deal significant damage to structures and stationary vehicles.
In-game description

The Alligator Charge (Satchel Charge) is an extremely high-damage set explosive charge. It is recommended to use for breaching tier 3 Walls, destroying mid-high tier Forward Bases, Bridges, and mid-high tier World Bases. They are particularly effective against Garrisoned Houses requiring only 1 Satchel to destroy. Satchels take 5 seconds to plant, and detonate in 5 seconds. Most high-level structures will take several charges to destroy. It's so heavy a soldier can only carry one without being overencumbered. Its technology is unlocked very late in the war. It can be devastating when used with fast moving LUVs to run havoc in poorly defended enemy territory.


The Alligator Charge is obtained via production in a Factory.