Foxhole Wiki
The bell icon used by alerts.

Alerts are automated messages that appear in the top left corner of the screen to inform the players when certain events occur. Each message only stays on screen for a few seconds. You can hide/show an alert by pressing I, however this only applies to the messages currently on screen and not future ones.

Events that trigger an alert are:

  • Spawning in Home Region: shows the Code of Conduct.
  • Being commended by another player.
  • A friendly structure is under attack.
  • Your Map Intelligence getting updated
  • A World Base owned by your faction is under attack
  • A world base is lost or captured by either faction.
  • A new Technology is unlocked by your faction.
  • Supplies have been delivered to a base where you have your spawn.
  • Supplies have been delivered to the public stockpile of a Storage Depot or Seaport in the region you're in.
  • After you travel to another region: tells you you're temporarily prioritized in queue to return to the previous region.
  • Setting your spawn at a base: shows confirmation message.
  • Worldwide admin message.

The friendly structure attack alerts do not specify the structure type and only give the closest location name. They also don't appear if the attacked structure is near a Frontier Border.

The supplies alerts contain a detailed breakdown of what items were supplied as well as the name of the supplying player and a button to commend them.