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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A simple mine that is placed under terrain and fitted with a pressure-sensitive plate to detonate under the weight of heavy vehicles. Mines are visible to friendlies and enemies on foot. Mines deactivate after 48 in-game days.
In-game description

A placeable explosive charge that serve as an anti-tank mine.


The Abisme AT-99 is an anti-tank mine that detonates on contact with armored vehicles. It will detonate under both friendly and enemy vehicles. Infantry and unarmored vehicles don't trigger it.

It can be placed down by equipping the items into your hands. Move to the desired location in a standing position and then place it down with the "fire" key (default Left Click). The user will crouch forwards for approximately 4 seconds and then the mine will appear on the ground. Mines can't be placed on rocks, on top of structures, inside buildings, or less than 60m from a region border.

Deployed mines are visible to all soldiers on foot. Vehicle crewmembers and passengers can see friendly mines as well as enemy mines placed on roads, but enemy mines placed offroad are invisible to them. So it is advisable to have someone on foot scouting for mines if moving into a new area. They aren't concealed by the night's obscurity or when placed in bushes (will show colored outline).

Players can dismantle mines by crouching and using a Wrench. They can also be destroyed using a Hydra's Whisper.

Mines deal Anti-Tank Explosive damage which can never be deflected by Tank Armor. Mines always disable the tracks subsystem if the vehicle has it.

Vehicles that trigger mines[]

Every other type of vehicle does NOT trigger AT mines and can safely driver over them.


The Anti-Tank Mine is obtained via production in a Factory.