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Abandoned Armouries (also called Relic Vaults), are pre-built world structures that used to contain Relic Vehicles and multiple Volta Repeater rifles separated across 3 sections. The main gate could be opened using Unexploded Ordnance, the internal doors with other explosives. As of [world conquest number], Relic Vehicles within these vaults have been removed and the stockpile is no longer accessible. As of Update 0.34, Relic Vaults now passively generate Research which can be used for prototyping at the Engineering Center.


The main vault gate can be blasted open with 25 Unexploded Ordnances; each deals 4% damage. Once inside, the cracked wall to the left needs to be blasted open with 4 Satchel Charges or 40mm High Explosive Rounds. The concrete wall to the right needs to be blasted open with 75mm High Explosive Rounds.

First Section[]

The first section used to contain :

  1. Staff Cars (20)
  2. Repurposed Trucks (20)
  3. Armored Tractors (10)
  4. A number of Volta Repeater rifles

Second Section[]

The second section used to contain :

  1. A number of Volta Repeater rifles
  2. One or more Storm Tanks

Third Section[]

The third section used to contain :

  1. One Heavy Infantry Carrier

Vault Locations[]

Relic Vaults are often found off the beaten path inside large mountains and rock features.

  • There is one in Drowned Vale. It is located north-west of Willow Wood next to the road (E11-2). This one is easily shown on the wall.
  • There is one in Callahan's Passage, located South-West of the procession, a small dirt path which isn't shown on the map leads to it.
  • There is one found in Linn of Mercy, located N-W of Outwich. This one is easily spotted from the road.
  • There is one found in Umbral Wildwood, located N-W of Clotho's Refuge, at The Strands.
  • There is one found in Marban Hollow, located at the Curse, east of Maiden's Veil.
  • There is one found in Loch Mor, located south of Tomb of the First (F7-8).
  • There are two in the Deadlands. First located south-east of Iron's End. Another found south of Brine Glen.


  • Inside the second room of the Relic Vault in The Drowned Vale lies a corpse. If the player presses E on the corpse it will display a UI window labelled 'Mad Scrawlings' (see below).
  • Currently, all relic vaults spawn with their doors open and the second rooms exposed. Some relic vaults have an exposed third room.
  • The interiors of the vaults vary. Some contain abandoned Relic Vehicles covered in crates while some do not. These are purely for aesthetics.