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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

Widely considered to be the first storm rifle, the Aalto is a marvel in Caoivish engineering. With its two fire modes, it can be used as a rapid-fire assault weapon, or an mid-range rifle.
In-game description

The Aalto Storm Rifle is a selective-fire warden Assault Rifle chambered in 7.92mm.


The gun supports both semi-automatic (S) and fully-automatic (A) modes, giving it the close quarters effectiveness of a Submachine Gun and single shot accuracy for medium range. However, the flexibility comes at a cost, as the Aalto Storm Rifle is heavy. It has the perk of retaining stability while walking during aiming, allowing it to fire accurate bursts even while moving.

The Aalto Storm Rifle's select fire mode (default F) gives this weapon an edge in battle.

  • The weapon can switch to semi-auto (S) for greater single shot damage and accuracy at longer ranges.
  • Full automatic (A) mode is best suited for close to mid-range encounters.
  • The weapon is a "Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than a master of one"

In full auto, the gun is a better version of the Fiddler except heavier and with more accuracy reduction during fast movement. The higher damage and higher accuracy make it a deadlier close quarter weapon but less mobile.

In single shot, the gun is a worse version of the Blakerow 871 carbine rifle. A stable firing position is recommended in this mode.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Encumbrance of the Aalto from 29% to 22%.

Historical Reference[]

The Aalto Storm Rifle appears to be based on the design of the Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (FG-42), while its name may be a reference to the STG-44 and Finnish designer Alvar Aalto.