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The AT Gun Garrison is an automated anti-vehicle defensive Bunker garrison.


The AT Gun Garrison is a type of bunker garrison. The turret automatically fires on any enemy vehicle within range but ignores enemy infantry. It only functions when its AI is activated (large flag on the turret) by being within the range of a base with AI Upgrade. It cannot be manned and does not need ammunition. It has perfect accuracy, however its shots can be avoided by moving behind obstacles. It can fire in a 180 degree arc but it is slow to turn, and it goes back to facing its original direction once it loses its target.

It fires on both ships and land-based vehicles meaning they can be used for coastal defense. It also targets enemy Tripod mounted weapons and enemy structure blueprints.

It has a maximum range of 22m, but if fired upon by a vehicle or tripod mounted weapon it will retaliate in a 45m range until the target is either destroyed, out of sight, or out of range.

The gun can always fire over simple bunkers, but can only fire over Rifle Garrisons if their tier is lower than the AT Gun's tier.

It is immune to small arms and heavy machine gun fire and cannot be suppressed.

Construction Requirements[]

AT Gun Garrison can be constructed on any Tier 2 or Tier 3 Bunker with the following requirements:

  • Not adjacent to another bunker modification
  • Connected to a Bunker Base through trenches or bunkers
  • Bunker Base must have unlocked the AT Gun Garrison tech
  • Bunker Base's bunker network must own at least 12 Infrastructure Modifications of the "Garrison" type (e.g. beds)

The direction of the gun is chosen by moving the Mouse Wheel while your cursor is on the AT Gun option of the Hammer's upgrade menu.

Tier 2[]

Built by upgrading a Tier 2 bunker into an AT Gun Garrison.

Tier 3[]

Built by either upgrading a Tier 3 bunker into an AT Gun Garrison, or upgrading a Tier 2 AT Gun Garrison. Upgrading from a Tier 2 AT Gun Garrison to a Tier 3 Garrison is cheaper than upgrading to a T3 Bunker, then adding the AT Gun Garrison modification.