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An armoured amphibious vehicle designed for carrying troops across large bodies of water to aid in coordinated beach landings and flanking assaults.
In-game description

The AB-8 Acheron is the standard Colonial Landing APC, with open space in the back for passengers. The passengers in the back are able to fire Small Arms out the sides of the vehicle.


The AB-8 Acheron has 8 slots, one for a driver and one for a passenger in the driver's compartment. The remaining 6 slots are for passengers in the rear area of the vehicle, who are able to walk around and shoot out if there is space available. If there are more than 6 passengers in the rear compartment the vehicle will not move. These passengers are only able to use light weapons, while heavier weapons like the Light Machine Gun are not able to be fired from the vheicle.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.

Historical Reference[]

This vehicle bears a close resemblance to the American LVT-1 (Landing Vehicle, Tracked).


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