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With its mounted machine gun, the Doru is the perfect addition to any shoreline assault.
In-game description

The AB-11 "Doru" is a variant of the Colonial Landing APC with an added 12.7mm Machine Gun facing the front.


The AB-11 "Doru" is identical to the AB-8 Acheron but with an added 12.7mm Gast Machine Gun mounted facing forwards. One of the passengers in the rear can use it by pressing Q. Careful, do not dismount from the MG while the APC is in movement as this might kill you.

The addition of the forward-facing machine gun lets the APC deal with light structures from a safe distance while the infantry at the rear is relegated to defending the APC's sides from enemy infantry. On sea, it makes short work of Barges and Freighters without requiring the infantry at the back to bring explosives.

Can be packaged and transported by a Freighter.