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Unlike the 85-series, the Bardiche sports a heavier, more duable build and is fitted with a coaxial heavy machinegun along with a powerful, short-barreled 68mm turret. Modern Kraunian engineering allows for a fast reload, making it an ideal tool to combat enemy armour.
In-game description.

The 86K-a "Bardiche" is a Colonial Assault Tank. It has a 68mm Short Barrel Cannon giving it a range of 35 meters. It also has a 12.7mm coaxial turret.


The 86K-a "Bardiche" is an extremely durable Assault Tank designed to be a mainstay of the frontline Colonial forces. The 12.7mm gun has a 70 degree firing angle is attached to the tank turret and thus aims in the same direction as the cannon.