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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

A defensive emplacement against heavily armoured vehicles.
In-game description

The 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon (EAT) is a mannable defence built at the Construction Yard. It fires 68mm AT shells. It is an Emplacement and thus can be lifted onto a Flatbed Truck. It can be placed on the ground or on a Trench Emplacement.


The 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon is produced on the Construction Yard like most Shippables. It can be packaged (via a button in its inventory) and lifted by a Crane and loaded onto the Flatbed Truck. To place the gun, it has to be unloaded using a crane and then unpacked by pressing E on it. The cannon reloads in 2.6 seconds, which is much faster than cannons on armored vehicles, with a 45m range.

The structure does not have any AI, a player needs to man it to fire it. Like all emplaced weapons, it cannot be used by enemy players, and thus cannot be locked.

The gun has a single inventory slot, into which you load the 68mm shells, which stack in its inventory.

Similar to the 12.7mm Anti Infantry Flak Gun, the stats are boosted when placed in a Trench Emplacement. Its health is quadrupled and its turning speed increased. There is a specific centre spot on which the emplacement can be placed using a crane. Destroying the trench destroys the gun as well. Repackaging or upgrading the trench cancels the effect, you need to pick up the gun with a crane and put it back in to get the boost back.

The EAT can also be manufactured at the Mass Production Factory in Structure Crates containing 3.

The gun has a shield to protect the user from fire. Gunners should carry gas masks and filters so that they cannot be easily killed by gas grenades.

It can't be placed on Bridges. However it can be placed within the "no build" zones within 60m of a region border, but it will suffer from fast decay.


It is invisible at night and behind tall obstacles, just like infantry. It can also be hidden by being placed inside large bushes, but is revealed to people within 10m. Only its firing effects (smoke and flashes from the barrel) will betray its presence. This only works if it's not packaged.


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