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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

Armed with heavy anti-tank rounds, the Smelter is perfect for engaging enemy armour. The frontal blast shielding provides operators with ample cover in heated skirmishes.
In-game description

The 68-45 "Smelter" Heavy Field Gun is a Colonial Heavy Field Gun, an unpropelled vehicle using 68mm shells. The High Velocity Cannon adds 75% more damage to the 68mm shells it fires.


The 68-45 "Smelter" Heavy Field Gun requires a crew of two to be moved. The left slot is the driver who controls rotation and movement, while the gunner in the right slot reloads and fires the cannon. The gunner cannot change the rotation without the assistance of a driver, but can fire the cannon in it's current orientation without a driver. The cannon has a range of 45 meters. One weakness of the Smelter is that it can not move while reloading.

Can be packaged and transported by a Flatbed Truck, Freighter or a Crane.


The 68-45 "Smelter" Heavy Field Gun's strength lies in being a cheap, sturdy and hard hitting AT weapon. The fast reload time makes it able to destroy tanks in a head-on engagement. The best way to utilize this is to have the driver spot with binoculars every so often for tanks. If the driver spots the enemy tank he will call out to the gunner and advance towards this tank. Keep in mind that it is only possible to do this effectively with infantry support, as the gun lacks any rear shield the enemy infantry can be a serious problem.

Once the tank is near, it is important to keep the range of the weapon in mind, as it outranges most tanks by 5 meters. This allows for hitting the enemy without worrying about the foe returning fire. Shooting at max range can easily scare off tanks as the damage of the gun is something to be reckoned with. If trying to destroy a tank however is it is a viable tactic to not shoot until the enemy is further in range, allowing for the gunner to hit it more than once before it retreats, depending on given situation of course.