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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Standard ammunition for all machine guns, including vehicle mounted weapons likes those on Half-Track and Battle Tank.
In-game description

12.7mm is the caliber for all machine guns.

Destruction Power on Structures[]

Unlike other small arms calibers, 12.7mm is powerful enough to deal damage and destroy the weaker structures of the game. It can damage:

Damage against Vehicles[]

12.7mm is very effective against unarmored vehicles. It represents a real threat to light armored vehicles like regular Armored Cars, Landing APCs, and Half-Tracks. It's very ineffective againstheavy armored vehicles like Tanks or Field Guns however.

Weapons Using 12.7mm[]

Vehicles Using 12.7mm[]

Structures Using 12.7mm[]