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Designed for the sole purpose of fighting back the cursed undead, the "Centurion" Mechanized Utility Vehicle is equipped with two high powered machine guns and a deadly front facing cannon.
In-game description

The Centurion is a Colonial Mechanized Utility Vehicle which is only playable during the Dead Harvest event. It has a main 75mm Cannon in the center body and two 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns for arms. The Centurion is designed to be capable of engagements with armoured vehicles as well as engage the undead. Due to its high fuel consumption, it's a good idea to keep extra fuel on hand.


The Centurion has 5 crew positions:

  • Driver: Controls the movement of the vehicle.
  • Main Gunner: Controls the rotation of the upper body as well as the Main Cannon.
  • Left Gunner: Controls the aiming of the left arm and fires the Machine Gun.
  • Right Gunner: Controls the aiming of the right arm and fires the Machine Gun.
  • Commander: Views the battlefield to find targets to engage. Can fire Secondary Weapons from the hatch.


Engineers in the 808th Armoured Division designed y heavy mechanized utility vehicle--or "Centurion"--to counter an undead threat some fifty years prior to the Dead Harvest Accord. Colonials took significant casualties as the dead overtook their ranks as they tried to secure an isolated Caoivish coast. Scattered and demoralized, they needed a tool designed for this unique threat.

As it turns out, the Ceturion wasn't a perfect weapon. It broke down easily, was useless in mud and rain, with ineffective weaponry. While they managed to survive the encounter with an understanding that some threats are too great to be underestimated. Many Centurions were lost to time, abandoned and doomed to rust.

That's how they remained until the dead found their way to the mainland. Now, one year after the Dead Harvest Accord was broken, Wardens and Colonials find themselves in need of weapon once more.

Combining Caoivish knowledge of the curse with advanced Colonial engineering, Mark II Centurions were finally able to realize the potential of their forebears. This time, the dead won't be coming back.


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